Report Cards

Evolution Swim School will provide parents/guardians with report cards. These report cards aim to show how their child(ren) is improving and what their goals are for moving forward with lessons. These are fairly short, one or two sentences per stroke or skill covered, but are to provide a more personal connection between the instructor and the pupil. The aim is to give a clear indication of what development is still needed to progress lessons and give the children some feedback too. 

Report Cards will be issued via e-mail halfway through the first block of lessons attended and at the end of each block thereafter. This will also provide parent/guardians a chance to voice any questions or concerns regarding the progress of their child(ren).  

Evolution Ladder

To compliment our report card system we will also provide our Evolution Ladder, a more traditional way of feedback. Which will also contribute to progressing up through our swim school programme. 

Our Evolution Ladder provides clear outcomes for each ability group. Once all outcomes are achieved children will have the opportunity to move up to the next ability group, provided there is space available.

The Evolution Ladder will be constantly updated by instructors and provided to parents and children at the end of each block. Once a pupil has successfully completed one stage of our Evolution Ladder they will be provided a certificate to reward all their hard work.

Download an example here

An example report card and filled out ladder progress