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Teacher Discretion to be in The Water Depending on Ability

The aim of these swimming lessons is to introduce the proper breathing techniques in Frontcrawl and progress the diving techniques learnt in previous lessons. Increasing endurance should also be a main goal and making the children swim further unaided. Introduction to deep water and how to be safe in there unaided. 

The focus should be on insuring that the proper breathing technique is introduced to reduce the chance that correction is needed later in lesson progression. Children will be encouraged to swim alone most of the time whilst maintaining correct techniques. 


  • Swimming unaided on  Breaststroke, Frontcrawl and Backcrawl  (10 – 15m)
  • Maintaining correct technique for the duration of swims
  • Showing a good understanding of the proper breathing technique on Frontcrawl 
  • Tread water for up to 1 minute 
  • Knelling dives 
  • Collecting objects from deep water

Teachers will try and reduce the amount of time spent in the water to build the confidence of the children they are working with to ensure smooth transition into  the more advanced classes. 

Swim Bronze

  Independent Swimming

The aim of these swimming lessons is to continue development and further refine the skills that have been learn in the previous lessons and also introduce Butterfly. As the children will be in the water without the teacher they will also be taught proper lane etiquette. 


The focus  will be on taking time to ensure that proper skills are implemented, especially now that the children are swimming alone all the time, good techniques will be reinforced.


  • Introduce Butterfly  
  • Swim Breaststroke with the correct timing on the breathing 
  • Standing dive from the side of the pool
  • Increasing endurance on Frontcrawl and Backcrawl with sound technique  
  • Further dive practice (Standing dive)