Swim Silver


The aim of these swimming lessons is to start to move away from a traditional learn to swim set up and become more of coached lessons but still with a large emphasis on technique. More advanced techniques will be introduced to help prepare for the potential to move to club level swimming.


The focus will be on trying to improve endurance whilst maintaining skills and techniques learnt through out the previous lessons. 


  • Introduction to tumble turns
  • Up to 50m Frontcrawl, Backcrawl and Breaststroke continuously with correct technique
  • Up to 25m Butterfly 
  • Race Starts

Swim Gold


Already in a club and looking for some extra tuition? Looking to make the transition from lesson to a club? 

Then these are the lessons for you! If you are looking to improve that one little thing that never seems to go right or simply looking for a close eye on all strokes. We aim to provide the highest level of coaching to our future superstars!


The aim of these lessons is to try and provide a club like environment, whilst still maintaining the focus and attention to detail that has been key through out all the previous lessons.

The focus will again be improving endurance and any specific areas that has been highlighted that the child needs/wants to improve on. 


  • Specific goals of child
  • Increasing Endurance
  • Video analysis so you can get real time feedback